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Welcome to Greens Horticulture

Based in Bristol – serving growers all over the UK...

Greens Horticulture has been supplying growers in Bristol and across the United Kingdom since 2003. As one of the longest serving and most trusted grow shops in the UK Hydroponics industry, we are the grow shop of choice for 1000’s of indoor gardeners each and every month.

Unlike other grow shops we’ve built our reputation by focusing on products that produce great results time after time for our customers – not on what makes us the most profit.

We offer an industry leading 14 day no-quibble money back guarantee on all products, except nutrients or bags of growing media that have been opened. If for whatever reason you are not happy with your purchase just return it to us and we will refund the cost of the item – no questions asked.

We only supply the very best brands in the industry

Grow Lights – most of the grow lighting we supply is either under the Sunmaster or Maxibright brands. We’ve been selling these brands since the day we started the company and will be selling them for years to come.

Grow Tents – The rise of grow tents has changed the industry as we know it, they went from being a niche product to being the standard method of hydroponic growing in the UK.

Nutrients – Our ever expanding range of nutrients contains something for everyone, from industry giants Canna to Dutch classics Biobizz and Hesi. Also check out our range of Plant Health Products for a wide range of products to keep your plants in tip-top condition.

Think hydroponics - think Greens Horticulture...!

We stock a vast range of hydroponic equipment & supplies and have the knowledge to help you get the most from your systems regardless of what the weather is doing outside.

NFT Systems – Probably the best known and one of the easiest hydroponic systems on the market, the black NFT tanks from Nutriculture have played a role in bringing hydroponic growing into the UK Hydroponic market.

Autopot Systems – Another giant in the UK indoor growing industry, Autopot have been around for well over a decade and are still one of our best selling products.

Nutrient Management – Everything you need to manage your hydroponic nutrient solution including PH Down & Up and Nutrient Meters to help keep on top of your PH and EC levels.

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