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Revolution DEva 1000W


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The Revolution Deva 1000W DE Grow Light is the latest 400V, 1000W (double-ended lamp) grow light to hit the UK market.  The Revolution Deva is dimmable to 600W and 750W and can be boosted to 1150W.

What sets this unit apart from the other seemingly similar options already out there is the low frequency square wave technology it employs.  This new technology offers the benefits of high frequency ballasts without any of the drawbacks.  The square wave technology delivers power to the lamp more smoothly than was previously possible at low frequency resulting in better colour rendering and less strain on all of the components, including the lamp.  As such it runs more efficiently and produces no radio interference.

No corners are cut in manufacturing or specification of this unit: the capacitors within are ‘avionic-grade’ and rated for 36 years continuous operation, the reflector is made with 97% reflective German aluminium (MIRO) and the unit is supplied with the high output Ushio Pro Plus 400V 1000W DE HPS lamp.  Every aspect is over engineered so the unit produces maximum output without breaking into a sweat while its competitors are screaming along to produce the same (in fact slightly inferior) results.

The unit is in itself really very impressive and would be tough to refuse for anybody investing in a 400V 1000W grow light but when combined with the Revolution RLC-1 Controller it really is the stuff us growers used to dream of!  The RLC-1 controller will dim the lamp when necessary to maintain the temperature of the grow-room within the growers pre-set parameters, output power from the ballast is controlled between 600W and 1150W at 1% increments.

Key features of the RLC-1 controller:

  • Control of up to 512 Deva 1000W lights over two zones;
  • Eliminates start-up surges
  • Programmable sunrise/sunset
  • Auto dimming (as described above) and shut down when pre-set ‘critical’ temperature is reached
  • Intelligent lamp re-ignition
  • 3 auxiliary switches on each zone which can be set to activate when the lights come on, switch off or when the lights dim to maintain the pre-set temperature.

Revolution DEva 1000W FAQ’s:

How long is the warranty?

We offer a 3 year no-quibble warranty on the DEva – any problems at all we will replace the unit free of charge within 24 hours (not including weekends).

How do they compare to other branded 1000W grow lights, like Gavita for example?

They match or beat Gavita on performance, build quality and reliability. We have never been particularly keen on Gavita DE products for a few reasons – the DEva however we think is a great product.

Here’s a video about the RLC-1 Controller that’s worth taking a look at:

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