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1l Air Pots



One litre Air Pots are ideal for growing rooted seedlings or clones as the improved root development creates an extremely hardy young plant that can be effectively transplanted to larger pots. They measure 10cm in diameter and 14.5cm in height.

The idea behind their sci-fi appearance is that as the roots are directed towards the holes, they are ‘air-pruned’. This avoids unhealthy root circling and encourages the growth of additional feeder roots and, in turn, greater nutrient absorption and improved top growth.

It is worth noting that these pots tent to dry out more quickly than standard pots, especially if you are hand watering.

Air Pots are made of very tough, 100% recycled plastic and are delivered flat-packed. They are straightforward to assemble and disassemble to allow for easy potting up and will last for years.

For assembly instructions, visit the Air Pot website.

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