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250W Digital Ballast


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This 250W digital ballast has been carefully engineered to run silently and prolong the lifespan of your grow lamp.

One of the key benefits of digital ballasts is the fact that they use a microprocessor and ‘soft-start’ to ignite the lamp rather than the traditional magnetic resistance or copper coil. This eliminates the problem of an ignition ‘spike’ which is a common issue with analogue ballasts. This 250W digital ballast has a low start-up current of 1.2A which acts to increase the lifespan of any grow lamps you use.

As far as electricity use is concerned, there really is a tiny margin between digital and analogue ballasts, with digital ballasts coming in ever so slightly more efficient. In terms of yield; there is no difference whatsoever, and a quality analogue ballast will power your lamps just as good as a leading digital ballast.

Digital ballasts, do, however, have the advantage of running significantly cooler than analogue ballasts, a feature that is incredibly useful in grow rooms where heat poses a problem. The prolonging of equipment life also means digital ballasts can save you money in the long-term.

Great features of this 250W digital ballast include:

  • Soft start technology
  • Silent operation
  • RF shielded
  • Flying lead IEC connection
  • Runs both sodium and metal halide lamps
  • Light weight (3.5kg)
  • Rubber mounting feet
  • Proven reliability

This 250W digital ballast has already gained a reputation for its reliability and the Maxibright brand are well known for their consistent range of highly reliable products. Maxibright also supply a two year warranty with this ballast for added peace of mind. Overall, this 250W Maxibright Digilight is a very good product that’s built to last. Recommended.

Ballast Measurements (approx):

250W Length: 183mm (not incl. feet) Width: 105mm Height: 83mm

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