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250W Metal Halide



We’ve stocked and sold many different 250W metal halide bulbs over the years but after much trialling and testing we have narrowed down our range to only sell the best of the best; the Sunmaster range from Venture Lighting.

Sunmaster specifically manufacturer lighting tailored to the horticultural industry. The grow lights we stock from Sunmaster are all rated at 7200K (Kelvin). Unlike red spectrum HPS lamps that are often measured in Lumens, blue spectrum light is measured in Kelvins, with a higher Kelvin rating equating to a higher rate of available blue spectrum light.

With a rating of 7200K this 250W metal halide bulb will output plenty of blue spectrum plant usable light which is ideal for the vegetative stage of the growth cycle. Using a grow light with a high Kelvin rating such as this will result in healthy plants, shorter internodal length, and will lead to increased yields when compared to using lamps with a lower Kelvin rating.

Many experienced growers also choose to add one 7200K metal halide grow light for every two sodium lights in their grow room setups to add extra blue spectrum light to their growing environment. This works wonders in promoting overall plant growth and experienced horticulturalists often find this to be an optimum lighting mix.

Our Opinion

Overall, this 250W metal halide grow light from Sunmaster represents both excellent value for money and without a doubt the best metal halide lights on the market. Highly recommend by all of us here at Green’s.

Wattage and Coverage

To give you an indication of the grow lights you’ll need we’ve included an estimate below of the amount of coverage each type of light will provide.

  • 250W – An area of around 0.6 to 0.7 metres squared
  • 400W – An area of around 0.8 to 0.9 metres squared
  • 600W – An area of around 1 to 1.2 metres squared
  • 1000W – An area of around 1.3 to 1.5 metres squared

***Please retain original packaging for your lamps to validate the 12 month warranty***

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