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600W Digital Ballast



Maxibright are one of the market leaders in horticultural equipment and this 600W digital ballast is a high performing product that offers great value for money. Maxibright have long been known for their quality manufacturing and highly reliable products and this Maxibright Digilight 600W digital ballast is no exception to that trend.

With a compact, lightweight design, cool running temperature, and silent operation, this digital ballast will make a handy addition to any grow room. Unlike analogue ballasts which use magnetic resistance or a copper coil to ignite the lamp, this digital ballast instead uses a microprocessor and ‘soft-start’ technology.

The result is the elimination of the ignition ‘spike’ that is typical of analogue ballast and a lower start-up current (2.9A for this 600W digital ballast) which will have a much milder effect on your lamp and will prolong the lifespan of your equipment.

It is important to note that digital and analogue ballasts both use roughly the same amount of electricity (with digital ballasts being ever so slightly more efficient) and both will achieve similar yields. Hopes and rumours did circulate that digital ballasts were cheaper to run and produced better yields; this simply isn’t true.

Instead, the main advantages of using a digital ballast is their cool running temperatures and ability to prolong the life of your grow lamp. Key features of using this 600W digital ballast include:

  • Soft start technology
  • Silent operation
  • RF shielded
  • Flying lead IEC connection
  • Runs both sodium and metal halide lamps
  • Light weight (3.5kg)
  • Rubber mounting feet
  • Proven reliability

Maxibright are one of the best horticultural manufacturers out there and this 600W digital ballast is a high quality product that only adds their renowned reputation. Packed full of great features, this is a great value digital ballast that is built to last. Backed by a two year manufacturer’s warranty for added piece of mind, we recommend this ballast to any grower looking to go digital.

Ballast Measurements (approx):

600W Length: 282mm (not incl. feet) Width: 105mm Height: 83mm

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