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600W HPS




These 600W HPS lamps are from market leading lighting manufacturers Osram, Sunmaster and Maxibright.

Osram were one of the very first lighting companies to produce HPS lamps for growing plants and Sunmaster is a dedicated horticultural lighting manufacturer. Both of these companies make high quality grow lamps that offer fantastic performance.

A more recent addition to the range is the Maxibright Super Bloom HPS lamp which delivers 90,000L (in line with most 600W lamps) featuring ‘PAR -Lock’ which maintains consistant spectral output when the lamp is dimmed or boosted.

HPS lighting puts out the majority of its light in the red and yellow spectrums. These are the optimum light spectrums for ensuring healthy and vigorous development during the flowering and fruiting stages of the plant life cycle.

Unlike dual spectrum HPS lamps which can be used throughout all stages of growth, these 600W HPS lights are designed solely for use during the flowering and fruiting stage of development, and will need to be accompanied by a lamp that puts out primarily blue spectrum light (such as a metal halide) to ensure healthy development during the vegetative stage of development.

In fact, most professional growers choose to use a combination of HPS and metal halide lamps throughout the entire growth cycle, usually using a ratio of one metal halide for every two HPS bulbs, which is shown to produce great results. However, this is space permitting, and in smaller growing environments where heat is an issue, it will be just as effective to use a separate metal halide and HPS for the vegetative and flowering / fruiting stages of growth.

These 600W HPS grow lamps are made to a very high standard and represent the best lamps on the market. Overall, the new Maxibright Super Bloom HPS is a great priced lamp that offers good performance levels. The Sunmaster has the edge on Lumen output and the Osram, although slightly more expensive, has a marginally better spectral output, but this really is marginal.


Lumen output

Sunmaster 600W HPS – 95,000 lumens

Osram 600W HPS – 90,000 lumens

Maxibright Super Bloom 600W HPS – 90,000 lumens

Wattage and coverage

To give you an indication of the grow lights you’ll need we’ve included an estimate below of the amount of coverage each type of light will provide.

  • 250W – An area of around 0.6 to 0.7 metres squared
  • 400W – An area of around 0.8 to 0.9 metres squared
  • 600W – An area of around 1 to 1.2 metres squared
  • 1000W – An area of around 1.3 to 1.5 metres squared

***Please retain original packaging for your lamps to validate the 12 month warranty***

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