600W Varidrive Grow Light



The 600W Varidrive digital grow light includes:

  • 1 X Maxibright Euro reflector;
  • 1 X Varidrive 600W ballast;
  • 1 X Maxibright 600W Dual Spectrum lamp.

The Varidrive is dimmable right down to 250W and features the +10% boost function to deliver that extra bit of power when your plants can use it.

All the components in this grow light kit some with a 1-year guarantee (though you are well advised to replace your lamp every 6-9 months).

600W Varidrive Grow Light FAQ’s:

These are pretty cheap grow lights – are they safe?

Yes. These grow lights are both safe and reliable.

Can I use this light for growing and flowering?

Yes, although the Parbright lamp is not branded as a dual spectrum lamp, it will do the job fine. You could always grab a 600W Metal Halide Lamp if you wanted to be really certain of vigourous vegative growth. Alternatively you can select from many alternative lamp combinations on the Euro Grow Light page.