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Acoustic Ducting




Offering a more cost-effective and flexible alternative than silencers, Acoustic Ducting is used to reduce the noise made by ventilation fans in growrooms and industrial areas.

It’s made from a perforated inner core that’s identical to our Standard Ducting but with lots of small holes punched in it – this is then wrapped in a layer of glass-fibre and sealed by another layer of aluminium foil. As the air travels down the inner core the sound is let out through the holes into the glass-fibre, which deadens the sound.

In practice it reduces the noise of a fan by around 40-60%, and is almost always used with fans of 150mm and above although all sizes of fans benefit from it’s use.

Acoustic ducting is available for all fan sizes up to 315mm (12″) and comes in either 5m or 10m lengths.

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