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Atami Bloombastic




Atami Bloombastic is a PK booster and sugar stim that can be used in soil, coco and hydro and has seen a big increase in popularity with some excellent results.

Combining biological minerals with biological stimulants to give your plants a PK20/21 – considerably stronger than a lot of other PK boosters which are generally PK13/14.

Atami say Bloombastic will also stimulate the enzyme process on several levels that will make your plant less sensitive to stress factors such as warmth, dry air, high light intensity, disease and nutrient inadequacies.

Bloombastic is for use in the final four to six weeks of the bloom and ripening stage and can be combined with any other brand of nutrients, taking the place of any PK booster and flower stimulator.

We would recommend starting off at half strength (0.5ml per litre) for the first couple of weeks and then building it up, and hand watering it in once a week if you are using an automated soil watering system such as Autopots.

Highly recommended.

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