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AutoPot 1-Pot Systems & Modules




The AutoPot 1-Pot systems are a cost-effective solution for those wishing to keep a specimen plant or mother plant with minimal effort and impressive growth rates.  Being a plant driven, gravity-fed system it is silent in operation and very low maintenance.

Available with the standard 15l square pot or the larger 25l square-to-round ‘XL’ version each system is supplied with a 47l tank which will sustain even the most demanding plant for well over 10-days.  We have listed ‘add-on’ modules in the product options for customers who want to turn their 1-Pot System into a 2 or 3 Pot system.

We recommend growers use a good quality soil in this system such as Plagron Lightmix or Canna Terra Professional Plus (always on around a 40-50mm bed of clay pebbles).  We advise against hydroponic substrates (that includes Coco/Coir unless mixed with Soil) because soil can support healthy plant growth over the broadest spectrum of pH values – it is the only growing medium that we have found to reliably perform with this bottom feeding technique.

Once the plant has been hand-watered from the top for the first 7-10 days the tap can be turned on and the Aquavalve will control the level of nutrient solution delivered to the plant, it will fill the tray to 20mm and then close until the tray is completely empty before refilling to 20mm, allowing the plant the essential dry period.  It is a good idea to give the 6mm filter within the tank a clean every few weeks and avoid putting any organics or viscous additives in the reservoir.

In summary: a highly effective, relatively inexpensive, low-labour system that has proved itself over more than a decade.

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