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Biobizz Bio Heaven




BioBizz Bio Heaven is an all-organic biological stimulant for your plants. Created from natural protein sources Bio Heaven is packed full of amino acids (the basic building blocks of proteins and enzymes) which are essential for the healthy structure and metabolism of your plants.

Feeding your plants on these biological building blocks has several key benefits, from boosting energy levels and enhancing the uptake of nutrients to improving chlorophyll production and freeing your plants from toxins that build-up due to the various stress factors (such as heat fluctuations).

Bio Heaven contains naturally aged humus which provides a great source of carbon for micro-organisms and chelates minerals in the soil. Nutrient uptake by plants in soil is usually at around only 5-10% of all those available. However, chelation increases the availability of nutrients (in some cases by up to 90%), ensuring your plants’ have access to a wealth of the elements they nenutrieted for healthy, productive growth.

Key features of BioBizz Bio Heaven include:

  • Boosted chelation of essential nutrients
  • Accelerated and increased nutrient uptake
  • Source of carbon for soil micro-organisms
  • Repairs chlorophyll and improves moisture retention and respiration
  • Encourages healthy growth and boosts plant immunity

BioBizz’s Bio Heaven has mixed reviews from our customers. The main consensus agrees that Bio Heaven works well as a healthy and vitality booster but does little to increase overall fruit mass and yield. Experienced growers tend to have little use for it as they already know how to keep plants healthy. However, we’d recommend Bio Heaven to less experienced growers who want to reduce the impact of plant stress and keep their plants healthy and nourished.

Biobizz Bio Heaven FAQ’s:

How do I use Bio Heaven?

Bio Heaven can be used from the second week of vegetative growth right through until two weeks before you harvest your plants. It is designed as an additive so can be safely applied at every watering and used alongside your regular fertilisation program. To add Bio Heaven to your feeding schedule, simply dilute at a rate of 2-5ml per litre of water and mix well before feeding. Continue feeding regularly right up until two weeks before harvest.

What is the NPK ratio?

Bio Heaven is extremely rich in bio stimulants and amino acids but has a very low NPK ratio of 0.91 / 0.18 / 0.24. The low levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium ensure Bio Heaven can be used with both grow and bloom fertilisers.

What is chelation and how does it increase nutrient availability?

Chelation is a natural process that makes certain nutrients available to plants. Some micronutrients aren’t available directly to plants and instead have to form bonds with other molecules, such as organic acids, in order to be transported into the plant and move freely around within the plant. This ‘protective’ bonding also prevents micronutrients from reacting with other elements, keeping them readily available to plants in their natural, usable form. Most quality fertilisers and additives include chelation agents to ensure trace elements can be absorbed and used.

Is Bio Heaven suitable for all substrates?

BioBizz say that Bio Heaven can be used in soil, coco, and hydro based systems. We personally would recommend only using organic nutrients in soil because of the way organic nutrients behave.

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