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BioBizz Fish Mix




BioBizz Fish Mix is a complete, all-organic fertiliser designed for use with all soil mixtures. As one of the first organic fertilisers to hit the Netherlands, Fish Mix has steadily built an international reputation as being an outstanding plant fertiliser. Even with today’s competitive market it is still considered one of the best organic products out there.

With an NPK ratio of 5-1-4, Fish Mix is primarily designed for use during the vegetative stage of growth, but can be used all the way through flowering and fruiting to encourage healthy green foliage. It can be used as either a soil drench or a foliar spray and contains no chemical additives whatsoever, just pure natural goodness.

Fish Mix is entirely derived from organic fish emulsion from the North Sea and Dutch sugar beet extract. As a large amount of this fertiliser is derived from fish, naturally, in its concentrated form it does smell rather fishy.

However, once diluted into water and mixed up for feeding, the pungent smell does diminish slightly, and providing you have adequate ventilation / odour control inside, you can safely use Fish Mix inside as well as outside without running the risk of overpowering your growing environment with the smell of fish.

Fish Mix works by boosting the growth of beneficial organisms in the soil, which in turn increases the available nutrients and helps to accelerate the growth of your plants. It can be used to replenish old or poor quality soil with microbial life and can be used to ‘fatten’ up soil, stimulating microbial activity.

Key features of Fish Mix include:

  • Fully organic complete plant fertiliser
  • Stimulates microbes and accelerates vegetative growth
  • Can be used as a soil drench and foliar spray
  • A product of leading Dutch organic manufacturer BioBizz

Our Opinion

Organic growers tend to choose from two main growth feeds, BioBizz Grow and BioBizz Fish Mix. Both are great at stimulating biological activity in soil and encouraging healthy growth and development. We highly recommend Fish Mix and the only real downside is the pungent odour. If you intend to use Fish Mix indoors just make sure you have good ventilation / odour control. Overall, Fish Mix is one of the best organic products out there.

BioBizz Fish Mix FAQ’s:

How do I use Fish Mix?

When using Fish Mix as a feed you should dilute around 2-5ml per litre of water and apply at every watering. The only exception to this is if you are using BioBizz All Mix soil, in which case you should still apply at every watering but at a rate of 1ml per litre.

It is safe to apply Fish Mix once your plants are about two weeks old and showing their first signs of leaves. You can then continue to use Fish Mix right through to the end of the flowering / fruiting period.

When using as a foliar spray you should dilute around 1-2ml per litre and spray over the entire plant about twice a week from the start right through to the second week of flowering. Fish Mix has been shown to work well as a foliar spray on cuttings, promoting healthy growth.

However, you should be careful when using any organic product as a foliar spray, as there is a risk of mildew (mould) forming on the leaves. Make sure you keep a close eye on your plants.

Can you use alongside BioBizz Bio Grow?

We’re often asked this and the answer is no; use one or the other. Both products are growth promoters and using them together will flood your soil with too much nitrogen. With BioBizz nutrients, growers tend to use either Bio Grow and Bio Bloom throughout, or Fish Mix and Bio Bloom as main nutrients, and then use organic additives (such as Alg-A-Mic and Top Max) on top to boost plant development.

How long will Fish Mix last?

Most organic nutrients, including Fish Mix, have an average shelf life of 12 months.

Is the smell really that bad?

In its concentrated form Fish Mix can be quite overpowering, but once diluted the smell diminishes quite a bit. Still, it does smell quite fishy and if you have poor ventilation/odour control and aren’t a fan of fishy smells then we’d recommend using Bio Grow instead.

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