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Root Juice is a 100% vegetable based all-organic root stimulator that boosts existing root growth and encourages the development of new roots. It is very effective at creating an abundance of new roots when applied to rooted cuttings, but it can be used throughout the whole growing period to stimulate root growth and production.

Root Juice works by stimulating the biological activity that occurs at the root zone to encourage growth and development. Aside from boosting root growth, Root Juice also enhances and accelerates the uptake of nutrients through the root system, which is why it has proven to be effective throughout the whole growing period and not just for rooting cuttings.

The benefits of a healthy root system are evident as your plants develop. A large, well-developed root system will lead to stronger, bigger plants and greater yields. Stimulating the biological activity at the root zone also helps enhance plant defence systems increasing resistance to disease.

Overall, Root Juice is a great organic root stimulator that is proven to encourage healthy development in soil based systems. So far we’ve had positive feedback from our customers and the results are comparable to similar established products like Canna Rhizotonic.

BioBizz Rootjuice FAQ’s:

Is Root Juice suitable for hydroponic and coco based systems?

Root Juice is ideal for use in soil based systems. BioBizz claim you can use it in coco and hydroponic systems, but we would only recommend this in systems where the water is changed/applied daily. Leaving any organic product in a system where the water isn’t regularly changed will cause it to ferment – and no grower wants that.

How do I use Root Juice?

When using Root Juice during the early stages of plant development (the first week or two) we recommend starting at a dosage of around 1-2ml per litre and slowly building up the concentration to 4-5ml per litre until the plant is established. You should add Root Juice with every watering.

If you decide to use Root Juice throughout the plants life cycle then we recommend continuing with a lower dosage of around 1-2ml per litre and using less frequently – every other watering is a good rule of thumb to follow.

Is it truly organic?

Yes, Root Juice is 100% vegetable based and carries certification from international organisations such as The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).

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