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Bluelab Combo Meter




Combination PH and EC meter from market leaders Bluelab of New Zealand (formerly New Zealand Hydroponics).

Supplied as standard with a whopping great five year guarantee, these sturdy little meters were first marketed at commercial growers but have rapidly gained popularity in the hobby market due to their robust design and highly reliable performance.  Please note that the 5 year guarantee relates to the unit itself, the probes have a 6 month guarantee.

As you can see from the picture the PH and EC probes are separate, in the unlikely event of a problem with either probe you can simply replace it without having to the whole unit out of action. Initially quite expensive to buy, over the course of approx 2 years they easily pay for themselves by outlasting other less reliable PH and EC pens – as we’ve said above if the 5 year guarantee consistent PH and EC management in your growing system.

Very highly recommended indeed – loads more information is available on the manufacturers website.

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