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Budbox Pro 100cm X 100cm




The Budbox Pro 100cm X 100cm grow tents all have a 100cm X 100cm footprint, they are available in 2 different heights with either the premium ‘Pro White’ interior or the slightly cheaper ‘Silver’ interior.

  1. L180:        100cm X 100cm X 180cm(h)
  2. L200:        100cm X 100cm X 200cm(h)

These tents are suitable for up to 400W HID lights or the equivalent LED lighting, people do sometimes put a 600W HID lamp in the L200 but if you are doing this, we recommend going big on extraction and air movement fans.

We recommend 4 medium/large plants in the 100 X 100cm tents though obviously this is only a guide; some people have 1 plant per square metre and others have 9 plus it really depends on plant-type and personal preference.

The L180 and L200 grow tents have the following features:

  • 2 X 175mm ventilation ports.
  • 2 X 100mm cable ports.
  • 2 X 150mm air-cooled lighting vents
  • 2 X passive vents with Velcro covers.
  • Strong, black, powder-coated 16mm steel frame.
  • Quick lock, push & click pole assembly.
  • Green viewing window.
  • Very high quality zips.

The Budbox brand has been at the very top of the grow-tent market since the beginning, we sold them for a decade before moving more exclusively towards the Secret Jardin range around 5 years ago.  We recently took another look and the guys at Budbox certainly have not stood still! They have refined the product and expanded the range resulting in a truly comprehensive range of grow tents that is rivalled but not beaten on quality or price.

Budbox Pro 100cm X 100cm FAQ’s:

What extraction would you recommend with a 600W HID light?

Ideally a low-powered 150mm fan, a high powered 125mm would probably just about to the job but the larger fan will be more comfortable especially in the warmer months.

How big is the box that this tent comes in?

The flat-packed unit measures 105cm X 25cm X 14cm.

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