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Budbox Pro 150cm X 300cm




The Budbox Pro XXL plus grow tents all have a 150cm X 300cm footprint, they are available in 2 different heights with either the premium ‘Pro White’ interior or the slightly cheaper ‘Silver’ interior.

XXL plus:              150cm X 300cm X 200cm(h)

XXL plus-HL:       150cm X 300cm X 220cm(h)

These tents are suitable for three 600W HID lights or the equivalent LED lighting, it is possible to use 4 X 600W lights (in smallish open-ended reflectors ideally) in the XXL plus-HL provided the following recommendations are followed:

  1. go big on extraction (low powered 250mm fan as a minimum).
  2. ensuring you have some control over air-intake temperature (ideally an active air-intake).
  3. plenty of air circulation within the tent.

We recommend 8 – 12 medium/large plants in the 150 X 300cm tents though obviously this is only a guide; it really depends on plant-type and personal preference.

The Budbox Pro XXL plus and XXL plus-HL grow tents have the following features:

  • 4 X 340mm ventilation ports.
  • 4 X 100mm cable ports.
  • 2 X 275mm air-cooled lighting vents
  • 2 X passive vents with Velcro covers.
  • ‘up-lift’ bar to allow for incoming irrigation lines.
  • Strong, black, powder-coated 25mm steel frame.
  • Quick lock, push & click pole assembly.
  • Green viewing window.
  • Very high-quality zips.

The Budbox brand has been at the very top of the grow-tent market since the beginning, we sold them for a decade before moving more exclusively towards the Secret Jardin range around 5 years ago.  We recently took another look and the guys at Budbox certainly have not stood still! They have refined the product and expanded the range resulting in a truly comprehensive range of grow tents that is rivalled but not beaten on quality or price.

Budbox Pro 150cm X 300cm FAQ’s:

How big is the box that this tent comes in?

The flat-packed unit arrives in two boxes measuring approximately 160cm X 35cm X 15cm with a combined weight of about 45kg.

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