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Budbox Pro 75cm X 75cm




The Budbox Pro 75-series grow tents all have a 75cm X 75cm footprint, they are available in 3 different heights:

  1. Small:              75cm X 75cm X 100cm(h)
  2. Intermediate: 75cm X 75cm X 160cm(h)
  3. Medium:         75cm X 75cm X 200cm(h)

Each size is available in the premium ‘Pro White’ interior or the more common ‘Silver’ interior.

These tents are ideal for CFL and LED lighting though with adequate extraction a 250W HID light can work nicely too.  The 75-series are mostly used for mother plants or dedicated veg chambers before moving flowing plants on to a larger tent for the remainder of the cycle.

The 75-series tents all have the following features:

  • 2 X 175mm ventilation ports.
  • 2 X 100mm cable ports.
  • 2 X 150mm air-cooled lighting vents in Intermediate and Medium only.
  • 2 X passive vents with Velcro covers.
  • Strong, black, powder-coated 16mm steel frame.
  • Quick lock, push & click pole assembly.
  • Roof support bars and hanging straps.
  • Green viewing window.
  • Very high quality zips.

The Budbox brand has been at the very top of the grow-tent market since the beginning, we sold them for a decade before moving more exclusively towards the Secret Jardin range around 5 years ago.  We recently took another look and the guys at Budbox certainly have not stood still! They have refined the product and expanded the range resulting in a truly comprehensive range of grow tents that is rivalled but not beaten on quality or price.


Budbox Pro 75cm X 75cm FAQ’s:

Can I use a 1000W light?

No.  The highest wattage to entertain in this footprint would be a 400W HID light, then we would suggest using an air-cooled light in the ‘Medium’ model to have a chance of growing successfully.

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