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Can-Fan RK & Rhino Filter Kits




The Can-Fan RK and Rhino filter kits combine two of the leading brands in grow-room ventilation.

We now supply each size of Can-Fan RK (Systemair RVK fans in some of the larger kits) with a choice of two filters and 3 different types of ducting.   This does create around 60 kit options so, as always, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like some advice on which would be best suited to your specific situation.

We would normally recommend either acoustic ducting for the RK150L fans and above as they begin to get a bit more noisy at that point in the range, acoustic ducting does dampen the noise very effectively.

The kits are listed with the Rhino Hobby filters and the Rhino Pro filters, if budget permits we would always recommend the Pro filter, on the larger models at least it does represent better value for money in the long run – roughly double the lifespan for less than double the price and without the need to reverse the filter mid-way through its life.  That said if it’s a budget fan and filter kit you need the Hobby options listed here represent a great option as you will only need to replace the filter in 12 months, the fan will go on and on.

Each kit comes with a 3.5m power lead and the necessary clips to attach the ducting.

CAN Fan & Filter Kits FAQ’s

Q. What fan do I need?

In terms of air-flow requirements, the minimum required for providing adequate fresh air for the plants is almost always exceeded by the requirement to remove heat from the growing area so forget the popular  ’30 (or 60) air exchanges per-hour’ equation and consider firstly how much lighting is in the given area and then how much resistance there is to removing the air (you will never cool 3600W of lighting through a 100mm air-tile for example – believe us many have tried!).

The next key consideration is how is the air that is extracted going to be replaced? is there active (a dedicated inline fan) or passive intake and where is it coming from; within the house? the loft? outdoors?  The temperature and resistance to the air intake effect the required power of the extraction massively.

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