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Canna D Block



Canna D Block is a nutrient additive designed to prevent buiild up of salts within irrigation lines and spray heads. It should be added right from the start of the growing cycle at 10ml per 100ml of nutrient solution – if used like this then you will never have to worry about blockages ever again.

Add to the nutrient solution at 10ml per 100 litres. Between cycles you can use it to flush the entire system, for best results when doing this lower the PH to 5.2 and run for several hours.

Canna D Block will also help prevent the build up of precipitant in nutrients tanks where the solution is standing for long time.

Canna D Block FAQ’s:

Is Canna D Block absorbed into the plants?

We checked with Canna and they assured us that the ingredients in D Block are not plant usable and 100% non toxic to your plants.

How does Canna D Block compare to ATA Clean?

They are basically the same thing, Canna is the bigger brand name but works out to be more expensive when dilution rates are taken into account.

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