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Carbon Filters

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    Rhino Hobby Filters

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    Rhino Pro Filters

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    CAN Inline Carbon Filters

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    Rope Ratchets

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    Jack Chain

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    Carbon Filter Replacement Sleeves

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    Carbon Filter Stand

Buyers Guide

Carbon Filters Buyers Guide

Carbon Filters are an essential part of environmental control allowing grow rooms to be operated in densely populated areas. Buying a low quality carbon filter is about as sensible as downgrading the brakes when you buy a new car, you may get away with for a while but at some point it’s probably going to go very wrong.

We stock two main brands of carbon filters, Rhino Filters in both Pro and Hobby, and the Prima Klima Ecoline. Both manufacturers have many years of manufacturing experience and use tried and tested materials and production techniques to ensure that the filters are as effective as possible.

Here’s a brief overview of what this section contains:

Carbon Filter Kits

We have paired our filters with industry leading fans so you can see what filter goes with what fan easily. You have the choice of standard ducting and acoustic ducting for each kit, and each kit comes with all the ducting clips and accessories you need to get going. Currently the fans we sell as part of the kits are from RUCK (Can Fans), Hyper Fan and Iso-Max. We now have the widest range of fan and filter kits in the UK market and will be adding more in the near future, we get great feedback on the products in this section and they’re an area we are always looking to improve on.

Rhino Pro Filters

The Rhino Pro filters used to be called Phat Filters, but a trademark dispute meant that they had to rebrand. The quality from the original Phat Filters was maintained and improved upon when they rebranded, and the current Rhino Pro filter is one of the best on the market. There may be other filters on the market that compare in terms of quality – but none are better than the Rhino.

Rhino Hobby Filters

Rhino Hobby’s use the same quality of carbon as their bigger brothers, the Rhino Pro. The main difference between them is carbon bed size, on the Pro it’s 50cm deep, on the Hobby it’s 30cm deep. The Hobby is as effective as the Pro when first used, but will degrade much quicker offering only around 1 year of effective use, as compared with 2 years on the Pro. The downside with these filters is that you need to “turn” them every 3-6 months, which basically means changing the end where the ducting connects. This makes sure you use the carbon in an even manner, and gives the filter its one year usage guideline. However for some people it’s a pain in the arse to remember, so we also stock the Prima Klima Ecoline Series

Prima Klima Ecoline Series

These carbon filters are European made and feature very high quality carbon and are as good as any filter on the market for around 9 months, maybe a bit more. Unlike the Rhino Hobby they are set and forget for this those 9 months, there is no turning involved. They are also very easy on the fan and offer very little resistance, or pressure drop. The 150/650mm version is a particularly good filter for the money.

Carbon Filters By Size

We have included this section for users who know what size of filter they need and just want to see the available options.

Carbon Filter Sleeves

Carbon filter sleeves, or pre-filters, are essential to the life of the filter. Using one stops the larger dirty air particles from getting into the filter bed, extending the life of the filter quite dramatically. As a rough guide, when the sleeve starts looking dark grey, it’s time to change it. If you have building work going on in the house away from the growing area, this often produces allot of dust and means that you will need to change more regularly – the same can be true if you are living beside a main road or in an area with high levels of outdoor pollution.

Carbon Filter Stands

We have given these their own section as they really are quite unique. In areas where space is an issue or the walls of the growroom are made from sheeting, then these are worth their weight in gold. They can handle the weight of all the filter models that we sell with the exception of the 1000mm & 1200mm larger Rhino Pro Filters.

Hanging Equipment

Whilst most grow tents come with built in hanging equipment, grow rooms are a different story. The rope ratchets are a great way to hang filters allowing them to be moved up and down as required – Jack Chain is preferred for hanging heavier filters.

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