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Daylight 315W CMH Ballast



The Maxibright Daylight 315W CMH Ballast is the standard ballast used for all the 315W CMH lighting systems that we sell.

The ballast is built to a high standard and can only be used with 315W CHM lamps. Unlike other types of digital ballast, there is no dimming feature built into the unit. Currently the Maxibright 315W Daylight ballast is the go to ballast 315W CMH ballast in the UK market, it has no real competition.

The ballasts are extremely efficient and can produce around 1.9 micromoles (µmol) per watt. The light they produce is about as close to sunlight as is possible to generate from digital lighting, plasma lighting is similar in output but in a totally different (very high) price league.

Other benefits include:

  • Silent running
  • Auto reset + short circuit protection
  • 2 year warranty

We have seen sales of 315W CMH equipment rocket in the past year or so, the technology seems to sit well at the price point and we are finding people replacing their standard HID systems with these units saying that it’s worth the investment.

Please note – the price shown is a baseline price, please contact us for discounts if you require more than one ballast.

Daylight 315W CMH Ballast FAQ’s:

How big is it?

The ballast measures 230mm x 108mm x 68mm – (L x W x H). Here’s a video from the manufacturer with more details:

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