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Lotus 600W Ballast



The Lotus 600W Ballast is a vented, metal-cased ballast built on quality Venture running gear.

In our opinion this is the best quality budget ballast available in the UK.

Features include:

– Smart Ignitor – stops ballast trying to light a hot lamp after a powercut

– Runs both HPS and Metal Halide Lamps

– Delivers the full 600W to the lamp at 240V input

– Wall Mountable

– 2 metre power cable

– 2 year no quibble guarantee (1 year from the manufacturer, 1 year from us)

For the price point, this is great product from Maxigrow – now available as part of all of our grow light kits.

Lotus 600W Ballast FAQ’S:

This almost seems to cheap to be for real, why is the price so low?

To be honest we were sceptical when it first came out but it has proven itself to be a very safe and reliable unit.

The UK market has seen a surge in direct supply of (sometimes inferior, sometimes not) products from Chinese manufacturers to UK retailers.  This has put the onus on the UK wholesalers to respond, this is Maxigrow’s response and it has been enough to keep our business for the budget end of the market as well as the high end technology with which they are more commonly associated.

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