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Ecothrive Biosys




Ecothrive Biosys is a potent, easy to apply blend of microbes and plant growth stimulants that work effectively and quickly to increase the quality of all growing mediums – soil, coco and hydroponics.Ecothrive Biosys contains biological catalysts that allow for the activation and encouragement of the beneficial bacteria, friendly fungi and general micro herd of your root zone – these include amino acids, humic acids, proteins, enzymes, carbohydrates and seaweed extract.

Main benefits include:

  • Contains Endo Mycorrhizal fungi, Trichoderma, Pseudomonas, Azospirillum, Bacillus and plant growth stimulants all in one simple to use powder.
  • Can be used in all types of propagation media to encourage aggressive root growth
  • Establishes a strong root zone micro herd and maintains the life of the herd throughout the lifecycle of the plant
  • Helps increase the uptake of nutrients and water into the plant
  • Can help plants recover from all different kinds of stress, acts as a tonic.
  • Water soluble – very easy to apply when compared to similar products.

Ecothrive Biosys is a cost effective way of establishing a great root zone micro herd in all growing mediums. For best results when used in soil and coco, use in combination with Ecothrive Charge.


Ecothrive Biosys FAQ’s:

How do I apply it?

It’s worth taking a look at the Ecothrive website for this product, there’s a lot of info about how to use Biosys just click here to take a look.

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