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Ecothrive Coco Lite

£13.95 HEAVY ITEM + £5.00

HEAVY ITEM + £5.00


Ecothrive Coco Lite is a high-grade Coir product containing 30% perlite which serves to enhance the aeration and drainage properties of the potting mix.

The Coco comes pre-mixed with Ecothrive Charge at 1% (175g/0.5l of charge per 50l Coco) which provides a biological boost to ensure your plants get off to the best possible start.

This product should be treated in exactly the same way as any other premium Coco, it is pre-buffered and pre-mixed so all you need to do is pour it into a pot, break up any compressed lumps, settle the medium by tapping around the outside of the pot and off you go.  As always, we recommend a Mycorrhizal product at each repotting stage, Ecothrive Biosys or Xtreme Mykos would be our preferred options for this.

This really is a great product and takes all the mess out of blending Coco and Perlite in the grow room.

Supplied in a 50l bag.

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