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Garden Grow 480 Water Filter




The Garden Grow 480 Filter is a 2 stage water filter that delivers approx. 480 litres per hour of chlorine free, low contaminant water. These filters do not have a reverse osmosis membrane so do not lower the EC of the water, but they do filter out allot of the unwanted elements you find in UK tap water.

This filter effectively removes:

Chlorine, sediment, dirt, rust, oxidation herbicides and pesticides, Volatile Organic Contaminants (Chemical Contaminants, Benzenes, Toluene, Oils, THM’s, Detergents, PCB’s)

There are three main benefits to be had from this range of water filters from Growmax:

1. The quick and effective removal of chlorine from your water supply. For systems that are using beneficial bacteria and micro-organisms chlorine should be avoided, these filters make sure that all of the water you deliver to your root zone is not going to cause any problems.

2. Removal of Volatile organic Contaminants (Chemical Contaminants, Benzenes, Toluene, Oils, THM’s, Detergents, PCB’s).

3. Sediment removal.

The filters on the Garden Grow 480 last for around 28,000 litres or 6 months, the replacements are listed in the dropdown above.

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