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FloraKleen from General Hydroponics is a unique salt clearing solution that can be used during the cultivation of your plants and as a flushing agent prior to harvesting. It is primarily designed for use in all types of hydroponic systems where the build-up of salts from chemical fertilisers can cause blockages and problems with keeping your hydroponics system clean and functioning effectively.

It can also be used in all other growing media (including soil) to help remove unwanted fertiliser residues. FloraKleen can be used safely whilst your plants are still growing and will act to maintain the elemental / nutritional balance. It can also be used as a flushing agent before you harvest your plants.

In contrast to many other cleaning products, FloraKleen is not an enzyme based cleaning agent and instead uses a completely different technology.

During cultivation FloraKleen will:

  • Break down and dissolve mineral salts
  • Minimise plant stress from a build-up of excess nutrients
  • Help prevent nutrient ‘lock-out’ by breaking chemical bonds
  • Nourish and boost microbial life

As a final flush FloraKleen will:

  • Halt plant maturation several days before harvest and boost sugar production
  • Wash away all fertiliser residues when used one to two days before harvest

Key features of FloraKleen include:

  • Highly concentrated formula to give you more bang for your buck
  • Ideal for removing salts in hydroponic systems
  • Can be used with all growing media
  • Can be used throughout the entire growth cycle
  • Unique cleaning product that isn’t enzyme based

FloraKleen is a tried and tested cleaning and flushing agent that does what it says it does. We highly recommend cleaning / flushing agents for anybody using a hydroponic system, especially dripper system, as excess salts from fertiliser can cause blockages in these systems. Overall, FloraKleen is great for maintaining harmony in your growing environment and is a useful product for all gardeners.


GHE FloraKleen FAQ’s:

How do I use FloraKleen in a hydroponic system?

During General Growth:

General Hydroponics recommend using FloraKleen in the interim period before changing nutrient solutions. The general rule of thumb is to use between 1.5 to 3ml per litre of water on your plants. However, it is worth noting that on younger plants you should use a smaller amout (around 1ml per litre) and on maturer plants (strong plants in the flowering / fruiting stage) use the top end of 3ml per litre.Circulate FloraKleen through your system for 24 hours to remove excess salts.

Flushing Before Harvest:

To ensure no fertilser residue is left in your plants drain and discard your nutrient solution two days before harvest. Refill your reservoir with fresh water and simply add 3ml of FloraKleen per litre of water and circulate through your system until you harvest. It’s as simple as that.

How do I use FloraKleen in soil and other growing media?

During General Growth:

The manufacturers recommendation is to use FloraKleen once every fifteen days in soil and other soilless growing media. Use FloraKleen on its own (with no other fertilisers / additives products) when you need to water your plants. Add around 1.5 to 3ml of FloraKleen per litre of water and drench your media until you see water running off from the bottom of the pot. Then with your next watering return to your regular fertiliser schedule as normal.

Flushing Before Harvest:

Two days before harvest use 3ml per litre of water to flush excess salts and boost sugar levels.

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