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Great White Premium Mycorrhizae combines more beneficial microbes into one product than any other we have found:  this single pot includes 15 species of mycorrhizal fungi, 11 beneficial bacteria and 2 strains of Trichoderma (also a fungi).

The benefits of mycorrizal fungi are well documented – they improve the ability of plants roots to uptake nutrients and water significantly through networks of fungal filaments.

Ecto-mycorrhizal fungi colonise the growing media whereas endo-mycorrhizae penetrate the root tissue itself.  Whilst creating a transportation network to facilitate the work of the plants own root system, they also release enzymes that unlock key elements making them more available to the plant.

The beneficial bacteria contained in Great White provide a comprehensive defence against pathogens and will prevent harmful bacteria and fungal pathogens from reaching a critical mass in or around your rootzone.

The inclusion of Trichoderma (koningii and harzianum) also serves to protect the plant against pathogenic fungi such as some species of fusarium and Pythium.

The soluble powder form that Great White is supplied as makes it a one-pot solution for all your beneficial microbe needs.

Great White instructions:

Seeds: dust with the powder at any stage during germination and in the planting hole post germination.

Cuttings/Clones: if using a rooting hormone apply a layer of Great White after the hormone – tap to release excess.  If you are pre-soaking a cutting media (such as rockwool propagation cubes) then include Great White in the pre-soak at 1 scoop (5g) per 10l of solution.

Transplanting: dust transplant hole and ensure as much direct contact with the rootzone as possible.

Soil and Coco mixes: top-feed weekly with 1 scoop (5g) per 25 litres of nutrient solution.

Hydroponics: include at a rate of 1 scoop (5g) per 25 litres of nutrient solution at each tank change.  We would advise mixing Great White with some nutrient solution before adding it back to the tank to ensure it is fully in solution.

Great White Premium Mycorrhizae FAQ’s:

I get sediment in my hydro tank, is this normal?

Yes, we have looked into this and the sediment/drop-out that can occur over time is just the carrier falling out of the solution, all the beneficials will be hard at work in the rootzone.

Can I use Liquid Oxygen with Great White?

Definitely not.  You might as well go outside and burn your cash! Beneficial microbe based products such as this represent the natural alternative to a sterile hydroponic system acheived using chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide.

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