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Grodan Cubes




Although we recommend Cultilene over Grodan for some other products, these Mineral Wool (often referred to as Rockwall) Growing Cubes from Grodan are ideal as a growing medium on their own or as a means of supporting another medium such as Clay pebbles and growing cubes.  They can also be used as a ‘packing’ medium around the roots of clones grown in Aeroponic systems when they are put into transplant cubes.

It is possible to use these cubes as a growing medium on their own, but do be aware of the water retention. We would recommend using them with a drip-feed system such as the Wilma and standard hydroponic nutrients such as Canna or Plant Magic.

Available in either 20 litre or 90 litre bags.

***Please note we only ship the 90L product to the UK mainland***

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