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Grow Light Reflectors




Euro reflector

The Euro is our budget all-purpose reflector that performs well and provides great value for money.  Euro reflectors are:

Suitable for 125W CFLs and up to 600W HID’s.
A basic reflector that’s perfect for those on a budget.

Supernova reflector

The Supernova a household name in indoor grow-lighting.  SuperNova reflectors are:

Suitable for 125W CFLs up to 1000W HID’s.
Great for directing light at plants directly beneath the reflector.
One of the best performing reflectors on the market when used correctly.

Great 8 reflector

The Great 8 is ideal for growing environments with a footprint of up to 120cm x 120cm. Great 8 reflectors are:

Equipped with vents to allow great heat dispersion.
Carefully constructed to provide an even dispersal of light.

Parabolic reflector 80cm

Parabolic reflector 100cm

Turrican reflector

Cooltube reflector 125mm

Cooltube reflector 150mm

Goldstar reflector 125mm

The Goldstar is a fantastic quality product that retains the traditional reflector shape whilst providing all of the benefits of an air-cooled reflector. The Goldstar 125mm reflectors are:

Suited for 250W and 400W HID lamps.
Extremely well sealed making it the benchmark of air-cooled reflectors

Goldstar reflector 150mm

As above but the 150mm version is for 600W HID lamps.

V3 315W CMH

This reflector is based on the time-tested Supernova design, built slightly shorter and with a CMH lamp fitting it is a quality reflector for the new and seriously impressive 315W CMH lamps.

CMH lamps only

High Output CFL reflector

CFL reflector

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