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Grow Room Products

Grow Rooms Buyers Guide

Grow Rooms Buyers Guide

Correct grow room design and operation is the key to high yields – your environment is literally everything. You can use the highest yielding, super charged hydroponic system on the planet but without correct environment you will not be able to achieve decent yields.

Below is a summary of our range of grow room products to help you get the most from your plants:

Grow Room Fans

We sell a wide range of grow room fans for all types of setups including RUCK (Can Fans), Hyper Fans, Iso-Max fans, Etaline and Vector EC Fans. The RUCK fan remains our biggest seller due to the great balance of price vs performance they offer, the Vector EC promise much but maybe a bit on the pricy side for most people, some users also report noise issues. Iso-Max fans are just great all-round fans and sell very well considering their reasonably high price – Hyper Fans perform well, look the part and have built a loyal following.

Fan Controllers

This is a sector of the market that continues to evolve rapidly with new and innovative controllers hitting the market regularly. We currently stock controllers from SMS, Maxigrow and Rhino with others under consideration and testing pretty much all the time. The Maxibright Control Freak is an especially innovative bit of kit and teams up especially well with the Iso-Max fans for a fully controllable, noise free setup.

Ducting & Ductwork

This section contains just about everything you will need to setup your fan and filter. It includes standard and acoustic ducting, ducting metal work and clips and joiners.


An essential part of any self constructed grow room, our sheeting selections provides a wide range of reflective and protective options to help maximise your growing area potential. Adding reflective material to the walls is like getting free light for your plants and should be used wherever possible – our hard wearing white floor secure makes sense in just about every grow room. This section is also home to the ever popular Velcro Strips, one of our long term best selling grow room items.

Air Movement Fans

Just as temperature and air exchange are vitally important for your plants so air movement around the leaves. We stock the Maxifans for this purpose as they hit the sweet spot between build quality and price perfectly, they won’t break the bank – and they won’t break…


We currently stock the RAM Humidifier with built in tank and the HR range with external tanks. Low growroom humidity is very detrimental to achieving optimum yields and adding humidity can really help with this. But, if you have a powerful extraction fan going you will find it almost impossible to achieve higher humilities even with these products as the air exchange will just remove it before it can build up. The key to adding humidity is to have a fan speed controller that you can control the max fan speed, with this you will be able to set things up so that you are able to keep the added moisture in the room and the temperatures in the optimum range.


We currently only sell the Hylite Greenhouse heaters – they are proven over time to be the most effective on the market for the money.

Grow Room Accessories

In here you can find a variety of products that don’t have their sections such as C02 bags and Ona Products.

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