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Grow Tents Kits

Grow Tent Kits Buyers Guide

Grow Tent Kits Buyers Guide

This section matches the essential components required to create successful indoor growing environment with many of the most popular sizes of grow tent.

The section is my no means an exhaustive list of the almost infinite number of possible combinations of Grow Tent, Grow Light, Ventilation and accessories but it is an extensive (and ever-growing) collection of packages that have been tried-and-tested.

These grow tent kits are made-up of components from some of the leading manufacturers in the industry and as such will stand the test of time, supported by a substantial warranty period on most components. They are not made up of bargain-basement, low–grade equipment that will need replacing or upgrading before you’ve even seen a full growing cycle.

The Tent

When selecting your grow tent the single most important limitation is the space that you have to put it in. Don’t make the mistake of thinking ‘I have 198cm between my skirting boards I’m sure I can fit a 200cm tent in there’ – you won’t! Also, consider the power-points in the room and which areas you are going to need to access before you go and order a tent that, when erected, will restrict access to any areas of the room – once set-up and in use these tents are not designed to be dragged around.

The Light

Two key considerations when selecting the size and number of grow lights is the growing area and ventilation required to maintain acceptable temperatures within the growing area. Don’t worry, in putting together these kits we have done that for you! All you need to do is ensure that you are happy with the energy consumption of the unit, the lighting is by far the most energy hungry element of any indoor growing environment – one 600W light will generally consume 0.6 to 0.7 kW of electricity for every hour that it is on so check your bill, do the maths, get the bill-payers permission, and off you go!


The packages that we have put together so far all feature a fan and filter kit (apart from the smaller Propagation Tent Kits where they are not usually necessary). With the extraction we have opted for exhaust fans that are capable pulling air out through the filter and replacing it passively through the vent ducts that are designed into the grow tents – we have done this to keep the prices as low as possible – if you would prefer to use an intake fan and/or thermostatic fan speed controller please give us a call or contact us by email and we will be happy to advise you. A key factor with the ventilation where grow tents is concerned is getting the extracted air out of the immediate vicinity of the grow tent – merely extracting from a 2m X 2m grow tent and venting into the same room as the tent will not work, the air will re-enter the tent and heat will not be removed from the system. The extracted air needs to be taken away effectively.

Propagation Kits

Our propagation kits come in two sizes:

The DP60 propagation kit is ideal for those who want to bring on seedlings or cuttings in single propagator before their main growing area is available, they are also great for getting ahead of the growing season while the greenhouse or polytunnel is being prepared for the warmer Spring temperatures.

The Secret Jardin DP60 measures 60cm X 60cm X 40cm and comes with a Maxibright T5 2-Way propagation light (with two 26W blue spectrum tubes) and Easyrolls which make height adjustment of the light very easy, a segmental timer is also included. The Root !t propagator is a budget option but fit-for-purpose and our various options on propagation substrate drop straight in to the propagator tray. No extraction is necessary in this kit as the light generates very little heat and the humidity needs to be high at this stage in a plants life.

The Secret Jardin DP90 propagation kit is good for those wishing to propagate on a slightly larger scale, it features two Root !t budget propagators and Maxibright T5 4-way propagation light (with two 26W Blue spectrum tubes). Also included are a pair of Easyrolls and a segmental timer to switch the light on and off should you wish to.

Listed alongside each propagation kit are accessory kits that can we selected according to your preference, these include Root Riot propagation cubes, Jiffy 7 peat pellets and Rockwool propagation cubes along with Clonex Rooting Hormone, a scalpel and formulex.

Small Grow Tent Kits

Our 60 X 60 grow tent kits are the smallest that we currently offer.  This 60cm X 60cm footprint is available in three height options:

  1. the HS60 is 140cm high,
  2. the DS60 is 150cm high
  3. the DR60 kit is 170cm high.

Each of the 60cm square grow tent kits is comes with a 150W digital grow light (with a Sunmaster Dual Spectrum Lamp) and a heavy duty timer for setting the light cycle reliably.

The DR60 kit features acoustic ducting and the superior Rhino PRO filter with a lifespan of around 2 years.

Our 90cm X 90cm kits are available in two height options:

  1. the DS90 is 170cm high,
  2. the DR90 is 185cm high.

Both kits feature a 400W grow light with dual spectrum lamp, this maximises the productivity of the tent within the constraints of its’ dimensions.

The DS90 kit come with a Euro reflector, a Rhino Hobby ballast and standard ducting.  With the DR90 kit these components are upgraded to the 80cm Parabolic reflector, the Rhino PRO filter and acoustic ducting.  Both kits come with the quality Sunmaster Dual Spectrum lamp and the 400W iPac Pro ballast which has a 25 year warranty! 

Medium Grow Tent Kits

120 X 120 Kits

The 120 X 120 kits are available with three different tents and each features a different bundle of hardware.

The cheapest option in this size bracket is the HS120 Kit, this tent (measuring 120cm X 120cm X 200cm) is at the ‘no-frills’ end of the spectrum but still made by Secret Jardin so head-and-shoulders above a lot of the unbranded units that are available in the market.  The hardware in this package is, again, the less expensive end but still well established and trusted brands such as Rhino, Maxibright, Sunmaster and CAN.

For way under £300 we don’t think there is a comparable kit anywhere on the internet.

The mid-range kit in this bracket features the DS120 (120cm X 120cm X 185cm) the DS120 kit much of the same hardware as the HS120 kit, for your extra money you get a significantly better quality tent (with accessory pack) and the superior Parbright ballast.

The best kit in this range is the DR120 kit (120cm X 120cm X 200cm).

Virtually every component is upgraded: the tent, the reflector, the ballast, the filter, the ducting, the light-hanging bits.

The kit comes with a large Parabolic reflector (which is difficult to beat in a 120cm X 120cm grow tent set-up) and an iPac Pro 600W ballast which has a 25 year warranty!  This kit also comes with a Rhino PRO filter which will last for around 2 years (against 9-12 month from a Rhino Hobby) along with acoustic ducting and Easy Rolls – everything about this kit is quality – you would be hard-pressed to find a grow tent kit of this size and specification cheaper anywhere.

150cm X 150cm Kits

We currently list two tent options in the 150cm X 150cm grow tent kit section, the Secret Jardin DarkStreet 150 measuring 150cm X 150cm X 200cm represents the slightly cheaper tent option, the other kit is built around their Dark Room DR150 which is 35cm taller and made of the thicker material.

The DR150 kit comes with much of the same hardware as the DS120 kit, for your extra money you get the premium quality Secret Jardin tent and the superior iPac Pro 1000W ballast (25 year warranty) the Rhino Hobby is also upgraded to the Rhino PRO filter which should last for around 2 years.

Large Grow Tent Kits

240 X 120 Kits

The 240 X 120 kits are where the packages start to get really interesting as they feature multiple grow lights – the larger the growing area the more options there are with regard to set-up – for example we sometimes sell 240 X 120 tents with 2 X 600W lights, sometimes with 3 X 600W lights, you could use 2 X 1000W lights if the space and potential airflow allowed.  We have stuck with the kits that make sense in most environments whilst keeping the initial outlay to a minimum but without compromising safety, quality or productivity.

The cheaper option in this size bracket is the DS240W Kit.  It comes with two 600W Euro Grow lights with Parbright ballasts and Sunmaster dual spectrum lamps, both kits also com with a Can fan (200mm low power) and Rhino filter package. The hardware in this package is, again, the less expensive end but still well established and trusted brands such as Rhino, Maxibright, Sunmaster and CAN.

The superior 240cm X 120cm kit in this range is the DR240W kit (240cm X 120cm X 200cm).

The DR240W kit still comes with two 600W grow lights and a low-power 200mm fan and Rhino filter kit but almost every component is upgraded: the tent, the reflector, the ballast, the filter, the ducting, the light-hanging bits.

The kit comes with two large Parabolic reflectors (which offer great coverage for the growing area without any hot-spots) and two iPac Pro 600W ballasts which come with a 25 year warranty.  This kit also comes with a 200X400 Rhino PRO filter which will last for around 2 years (against 9-12 month from a Rhino Hobby) along with acoustic ducting and Easy Rolls – every component is genuinely high quality, we would not expect you to be replacing any of this for at least two years, except for your lamps which you should replace every 6-8 months – it is unlikely that you will find a DR240W grow tent kit with the same quality of components anywhere on the market, certainly not at this price.

200 X 200 Kits

The 200 X 200 tent kit features the Trojan Gold 2m X 2m X 2m grow tent (the TG20), we have been selling the larger Trojan tents in our shop for years now and they really are good tents –  we have put a good number up in our display area and had full grown men hanging from them (like you do!) without a problem.

240 X 240 Kits

For the reasons above we have listed the Trojan Gold 240cm X 240cm X 200cm tent here as our first option – more hardware kits will follow probably with a DarkRoom option but for now, the TG240 kit comes with all the same hardware as the 200cm X 200cm kit but with 5.76 square meters of growing area instead of 4 square meters.  If you can accommodate it, for an extra £70ish this extra space really make sense.

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