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Hesi Boost




Hesi Boost is a popular bloom stimulator and flowering promoter designed for use during the productive stage of the plant life cycle. Made from a mixture of concentrated fruit enzymes, Hesi Boost contains the elements potassium (1%), phosphorous (1%), calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, molybdenum, zinc, and selenium.

As well as these elements, Hesi Boost also contains a mixture of B vitamins (B1, B3, and B6), sugars, and enzymes. All these ingredients combined results in an effective flower and fruit booster that enhances the overall size, sweetness, and flavour of your fruits.

Although not an ‘essential’ fertiliser, Hesi Boost has many beneficial effects, from strengthening your plants so they can support more flowers to accelerating growth and promoting the development of denser flowers and fruits.

It is also a versatile additive that can be used alongside all bloom nutrient and fertiliser programs, although we recommend using this product with other fertilisers and additives in the Hesi range for best results. Hesi Boost can be used on all plants and with all substrates (soil, coco, or hydro).

Key features of Hesi Boost include:

  • Effective fertiliser additive for productive phase
  • Careful mix of elements, vitamins, sugars, and enzymes
  • Accelerates flower and fruit production
  • Increases yields and enhances fruit flavours
  • Can be used on all plants and with all substrates

Our Opinion

The feedback from customers who have used Hesi Boost has on the whole been positive. Most have said they’ve seen an increase in flower and fruit production. We’ve always been a fan of Hesi nutrients and additives, especially when used in soil. They are a great Dutch manufacturer and Hesi Boost is another one of their quality product lines – recommended.

Hesi Boost FAQ’s:

How do I use Hesi Boost?

Hesi Boost is a flowering fertiliser and should be used only when your plants are starting the flowering and fruiting phase of development. During this phase, Hesi Boost should be diluted at a rate of 1-2ml per litre of water and added once to twice a week up until two weeks before harvest. For slow growing plants, applying Hesi Boost twice a month will suffice.

Is this a complete fertiliser?

No, Hesi Boost is designed to be used alongside a fertiliser program as an additive. Although it is designed to boost flower and fruit production, it does not contain all the nutrients needed by plants during this stage of development. For example, if you were growing in soil, you would need a product such as Hesi Soil Bloom as your complete fertiliser and use Hesi Boost as an additive.

Is it true that Hesi Boost can be used as a foliar spray?

Yes, Hesi say you can use it as a foliar spray to stimulate leaf growth. Personally, we would only recommend using Hesi Boost as a foliar spray right at the start of flowering period before any flowers and fruits start to properly develop.

Hesi state that you shouldn’t spray it on flowers which can be difficult when you have a blooming plant. Our advice would be to avoid using Hesi Boost as a foliar spray, but if you do, use at a diluted rate of 1ml per litre of water.

What is the shelf life of this product?

Hesi Boost should stay in a usable form for around 12 months after opening. However, make sure you preserve this product by keeping it well sealed and stored in a cool, dry, and dark place.

Will this product have any adverse effects?

No, you can use Hesi Boost safely alongside practically all other fertilisers without disrupting your regular feeding program. Hesi do say plants may need extra water after application to fuel the metabolic processes that Hesi Boost sets in motion, but that’s about the only adverse effect you need to be aware of.

What’s in it?

Hesi Boost is a natural, organic additive made from concentrated fruit enzymes.

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