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High Output CFL Grow Light




The original dedicated single CFL reflector, the High Output CFL Grow Light is designed to make the best possible use of CFL lamps.

The majority of reflectors are designed for use with HID lamps but to get the best from your CFL you really need a reflector that has been made specifically for the purpose.

This reflector does precisely what’s needed and has excellent build quality – in our opinion there is nothing on the market that come close in terms of value for money and all round design.

Highly recommended.

Reflector Measurements (approx):

Length: 525mm
Width:  325mm
Depth:  170mm

**Please retain original packaging for your lamps to validate the 12 month warranty**

High Output CFL Grow Light FAQ’s:

Can the High Output CFL Reflector be used with a 300w CFL?

This should be fine, the only thing which could be a problem would be the length of the bulb, We have spoken to the supplier of this reflector and they say they used to sell them as a 300W package but it was a close run thing with the length. If you know how long the lamp is we can check for you…

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