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Hylite Greenhouse Heaters




Cold winter weather can be as much of a problem for indoor gardeners as summer heat, so we are now stocking Hylite greenhouse heaters to keep the frost at bay.

Hylite have designed their heaters to offer a cheap-to-run alternative to fan heaters and cleaner alternative to paraffin. Using less than 50W per foot – about the same as a standard household light bulb – they are a cost effective way to avoid cold stress.

This new slimline range come complete with thermostatic control and are are available in three different sizes:

50cm model with 55W output;

100cm model with 125W output;

150cm model with 190W output.

All heaters are fitted with 1.5m power cords.

The heaters are also IP44 rated so they are protected against dust water spray.

Hylite greenhouse heaters come with two-part floor stands.

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