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Intense PK Phite




Intense PK Phite is a PK booster aimed at promoting abundant fruiting and flowering.

Intense is currently unique in its formulation, it uses Phosphite (PO3) as opposed to phosphate (PO4), it is widely understood that Phosphite is more easy to absorb and more mobile in the plant, it also brings anti-fungal properties.   The value of Phosphite in terms of plant nutrition is somewhat dubious however, it takes time for microbial action to convert the phosphite into phosphate which is the form with direct nutritional value to the plant.

It will take time to find the true value of PK Phite and how it translates to yield compared to the more traditional Phosphate based products, it is true to say that customers including it with the full range are achieving very good results – we are yet to run any side-by-side trials.

Available in 1l, 5l, and 10l sizes.

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