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Lumatek Zeus 600W PRO



The Lumatek Zeus Pro 600W is a great unit with our preferred multi-bar configuration and passive cooling.

The Lumatek Zeus Pro 600W LED uses Osram Red LED’s and LUMLED white LED’s to create an very effective output for full-cycle growing.

The unit is made up of 6 X 1m LED bars connected to the running gear, it is easily installed by one person.

At 100% output the unit delivers 1620 μmol/s which is an overall fixture efficiency of 2.7 μmols/J but it is fully dimmable from 100% down to 25% with the 0-10V dimmer included.

The Lumatek Zeus Pro can also be externally controlled with the Lumatek Lighting Controller featuring automated dimming, temperature safety control and sunrise/sunset mode for up to 100 fixtures.

Some specifications (from the manufacturer):

Consumption: 600W

Output (PPF): 1770 μmol/s

Fixture efficiency: 2.9 μmols/J

Dimensions: 109cm X 119cm

Coverage: 1.2m x 1.2m – 1.5m x 1.5m

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