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Maxibright T5 4-Way - 120cm


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T5 grow lights are specific propagation lights, and out of all single unit fluorescent lighting products on the market, the T5 currently provides the most even light dispersion. This is the 4-way, 120cm model that comes supplied with four 54W blue spectrum lamps as standard (red spectrum lamps are available if requested).

The 4-way, 120cm T5 grow light measures 119cm (l) x 37cm (w) x 6cm (d) and is ideal for medium to large scale propagation set-ups. The light can be activated by a simple on/off switch which is mounted on the side of the unit.

Ideally you will want the T5 grow light to hang around 2-3cm above your plants, this is most easily achieved with Rope Ratchets with these larger units, see related items below.

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