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Maxibright T5 4-Way - 60cm



T5 grow lights are designed for propagation and currently they provide the most even dispersal of light available from a single unit. This is the 4-way 60cm model of the T5 grow light.  It measures 59cm (l) x 37cm (w) x 6cm (d) and houses four 24W fluorescent lighting tubes.

The 4-way 60cm T5 grow light is best suited for small scale propagation set-ups and works best when placed around 2-3cm above the plants, this is most easily achieved with Easyrolls for these 60cm units but Rope Ratchets are recommended for the larger units, see related items below.

This lighting unit comes with blue spectrum lamps as standard, but red spectrum lamps are also available if they are needed.

***Please note we only ship this product to mainland UK addresses***

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