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Oxypots are easy to use, stand-alone Deep Water Culture systems suitable for both beginners and experienced growers.

They come in three sizes:

– Oxypot Single – 1 plant / 19 Litre reservoir

– Oxypot XL – 2 plants / 60 Litre reservoir

– Oxypot Quad – 4 plants / 100 litre reservoir

Looking at these specs you can see that the Oxypot XL offers 30 litres of nutrient solution per plant – which is why we prefer the Oxypot XL to the other sizes.

These systems are great way for DWC curious growers to see how the method differs from other forms of hydroponic growing – using these systems for a while can get a large part of the learning curve out of the way before switching to one of the more advanced recirculating DWC (RDWC) systems.

Nutrient wise we recommend Canna Aqua or GHE for the base nutrient –  you should be using a friendly bacteria to guard against Pythium and the nutrient solution temperature should be kept as close to 19-20 degrees C as possible.

If you need any further info before purchasing or during use just give us a call, we have decades of experience of DWC within the company and will be able to answer all of your questions.

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