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PH Test Kits




These liquid pH testers are a very economical way to monitor the pH level of your nutrient solution. Each kit consists of 20ml of reagent, a small phial and a colour chart to translate your result into a pH value.  Two pH ranges are available: 6.0 – 7.6 and 4 – 10.

Whilst these kits may not be sufficient for the more experienced grower demanding a very accurate pH reading, they do provide enough information for the smaller-scale hobbyist to maintain the acidity within an appropriate range.

The test is easy, simply put 2ml of solution from the nutrient reservoir into the phial and add 2 DROPS of reagent to it.  Then shake the phial and compare the colour to the chart and read off the pH figure.  Adjust the pH with ‘up’ or ‘down’ accordingly and retest.  Repeat until the colour falls within the required range on the chart.

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