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Photon LED Module


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The Photon LED module can be used as a single unit to keep plants happy in a tiny space or they can be grouped together to create a much more powerful unit to cover larger areas.  The Photon LED is tried and tested by us at Greens and that’s why it’s made it into our range of LED Grow Lights – we only sell products that we know work.

Each module contains 144 X 1W LEDs made by San’an Optoelectronics, the LED’s powered at 45% capacity which is where the 65W per module figure comes from.  This is standard practice in all LED units to maximise the life-expectancy of the diodes.

Please see additional images for suggested configurations of multiple units.

The build quality of the Photon units is excellent, they are IP65 rated (they are pretty much waterproof, at least against anything they would normally be exposed to in a grow room) and they are backed by a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty (subject to registering your purchase with the manufacturer within 1 month of purchase).

Some specifications (from the manufacturer):

Consumption: 65W

Output (PPF): 125 μmol/s

Fixture efficiency: 2.02 μmols/J

Dimensions: 235mm X 235mm X 45mm

Coverage: up to 0.4m X 0.4m*

*Note: a single unit will cover this area for medium height fruiting/flowering plants but if you are replacing a 600W HID light in 1 to 1.2m square area you will need 7 modules for comparable results.

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