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Plant Magic Essence




Essence is a highly concentrated bio-culture containing over 20 strains of micro organisms to re-establish balanced bio-activity. Once activated Essence produces a powerful blend of beneficial organisms that will quickly colonize the surface of leaves and stems to:

  • Form an effective barrier against airborne pathogenic fungi
  • Combat existing fungal pathogens
  • Improve disease and stress resistance
  • Healthier, more robust growth

We recommend frequent use to ensure that your defences against pathogens and harmful organisms are optimum – prevention is better than cure…

You can buy Essence in three different ways:-

  • The Essence (25g) powder on it’s own
  • As a starter kit containing the Essence powder (25g), the Cataylst liquid (125ml) and mollasses
  • As a complete kit that contains all of the starter kit as well a mini air pump, airstone and airline – this kit has everything you need to get started with Essence apart from a small 1-2 litre container to put everything in (a measuring jug is fine)

Directions for use:-

For infected plants use once every 5 – 7 days. For healthy plants and to maintain a fighting barrier use once every 7 – 10 days. We also highly recommend the use of GRANULES and BOOST to ensure that your crop remains healthy and fungal free from the roots to the tips of the leaves.

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