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Plant Magic Ignition




Plant Magic Ignition is a pre-flowering boost designed to be used in the first few weeks of bloom when plants are producing  flowering sites, and in the later stages of development alongside a PK booster such as Platinum PK 9/18.

  • Contains powerful bio stimulants for flower development
  • Increases flowering sites to help increase yield
  • Stimulates production of natural plant sugars and oils

Ignition is a still a fairly unique product in the market in terms of the stages of plant growth it’s aimed at – it is both a pre-flowering booster and a metabolism booster for the later stages of bloom as well, and fits in well with what is now one of the largest ranges of plant nutrients on the hydroponics market.

Plant Magic Ignition FAQ’s:

How do I use it:

  • Use from beginning of bloom phase until flowers have formed
  • Shake well before use
  • Dilute 2ml per litre
  • For more detailed instructions see our grow schedules online

Store away from direct sunlight, between 5 – 25 C. Always replace cap after use. Once opened use within 6 months for best results. Use within 2 years of production date (see cap or bottle).

Here’s a quick video from the manufacturer:

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