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Plant Magic Magne Cal+




Magnesium and Calcium deficiencies in your plants is quite a common, but often overlooked problem.  Magnesium plays an essential part in the role of photosynthesis by aiding the production of chlorophyll and Calcium plays an important role in providing resistance to attacks.  It also helps the plant to develop a healthy root system.

Plant Magic Magne Cal has been developed to use alongside your PK booster.  As your plants requirements for Phosphorus and Potassium rises, so does the need for Magnesium and Calcium.  Magne Cal+ has been formulated to provide the correct dosage and will work effectively alongside any brand of PK Booster.
Magne Cal+ can be used in both the flowering and vegetative stages.

Our View
In addition to the main Magnesium & Calcium content, Magne-Cal also contains trace elements (hence the + in the title).  We’re not sure if and by how much those micro elements actually help, but the plants we have tested so far seem to love it.  If we can expect these results everytime, then Magne-Cal will quickly become part of our essential Kit.

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