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Plant Magic Oldtimer




Plant Magic’s Oldtimer is the ‘organic’ side of the Plant Magic nutrient range. It’s a great product created with the help of a veteran horticulturalist and specifically tailored to growers that want to use an organic fertiliser on their plants, though it should be noted that it contains a non-organic preservative so would get no organic accreditation.

Both the Bloom and Grow Oldtimer nutrients have the perfect blended ratio of NPK to accommodate all stages of the plant growth cycle; from the first week of growing right up until it’s time to harvest the fruits of your labour.

Plant Magic Oldtimer will also act to feed the fungi and micro-organisms that are beneficial to your growing environment, ensuring your plants are given a golden opportunity to thrive and survive.

How to use Oldtimer

Using these nutrients couldn’t be easier. Simply:

  • Shake well before use
  • Add 2ml to 4ml per litre of water
  • Mix in thoroughly and add to your plants

Plant Magic produce great nutrients which are very popular with many of our regular customers. The nutrient balance in the Oldtimer blends ensures you’ll see healthy growth in your plants and enhanced flavours and aromas if you’re growing edible plants. Overall, Plant Magic Oldtimer is a great ‘organic’ nutrient that’s easy to use.

Plant Magic Oldtimer FAQ’s:

Can this product be used as a stand-alone fertiliser?

Yes, it’s designed to be used this way.

Where can I get some more information on Oldtimer?

This video has a bit more info, or you can try the Plant Magic Website:

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