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Plant Magic Soil




Plant Magic’s Soil nutrient has establised itself as one of the leading nutrients on the UK growing scene. Paired with Plant Magic Soil Supreme it performs as well as other leading brands – quite a bit of feedback from customers now suggest it may even perform slightly better.

Though no other nutrient manufacturer produces hard and soft water specific blends for soil, Plant Magic state that doing so ensures that the micro-fauna in the soil can maintain an optimum pH more easily, resulting in enhanced flavour and productivity.

The only drawback can be a tendency for the nutrient to ‘settle’ and a layer of sediment to build up in some nutrient solutions if they are left for a while; however this is easily avoided with the use of a small mixer pump.

Plant Magic Soil has become one of our best selling soil nutrients in recent years and offers growers with “difficult” water supply issues a hard water/soft water option that does not exist elsewhere.

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