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Pythoff is an effective sterilising agent designed to ward off pests and disease in hydroponic systems. Once added to your nutrient solution, regular use of Pythoff will help protect your plants from a range of diseases, fungi, and parasitic organisms known to cause root-root, in particular pythium.

Although hydroponic systems are free from soil borne pests and diseases, the nutrient solution is often exposed to airborne pathogens that can cause major damage to your plants. Common pathogens that can cause havoc in hydroponic systems include pythium, phytophthora, and fusarium, all of which cause the roots to turn brown and eventually irreversible plant death.

Pythoff is safe and non-toxic and is non systemic which means it can be used safely from seedling to harvest. Although we would recommend halving the manufacturers dosage instructions until your young plants have fully established themselves.

Root rot is every hydroponic grower’s nightmare and can completely destroy an entire system in a matter of days. Pythoff is designed to combat root rot by preventing it in the first place. It can be used as a treatment for the very early stages, but as root rot can quickly cause havoc in your system we always recommend that it’s better to use this as a sterilising agent from the start.

Pythoff will sterilise anything it comes into contact with which means all drippers, reservoirs, and surfaces in your hydroponic system will be sterilised and protected from pathogens that affect hydroponic systems. Highly recommend to all hydroponic growers as Pythoff can be used safely in all hydro systems.

Key features of Pythoff include:

  • Stertilising agent suitable for all hydroponic systems
  • Can treat root rot if caught early enough
  • If used regularly will remain active through entire growth cycle
  • Suitable for use from seedling to harvest
  • Protects and prevents plants from harmful pathogens

Pythoff FAQ’s:

Can I use Pythoff in coco or soil?

The manufacturer states that Pythoff can be used with coco. However, we personally wouldn’t recommend using Pythoff with coco or soil. Although root rot can still be an issue in these mediums, using Pythoff will kill all the beneficial organisms living in these substrates. Plus, the spread of root rot is slower and will not spread rapidly from plant to plant as it can in hydroponic systems.

Can I use this with fungi / bacterial additives?

No, although Pythoff is safe and non toxic for your plants it will kill beneficial bacteria / fungi.

How should I use this product on small or sensitive plants?

For young plants that haven’t yet established themselves or more sensitive plants we recommend reducing the manufacturers recommended dosage by half. So only use 0.1ml of Pythoff per litre instead of 0.2ml.

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