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Secret Jardin L160


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The Secret Jardin L160 Revision 4 has three chambers – one larger space for bigger plants (be that vegging or flowering) and two small chambers to the side which can be configured for propagation/mother plant/veg as required.

The L160 measures 160cm wide X 120cm deep (front to back) x 198cm high. It features:

  • Highly reflective light-tight material – Mylar M210D.
  • 1 X 150mm extraction vent bracket, cutting kit and flange.
  • 1 X 100mm extraction vent bracket, cutting kit and flange
  • 2 X 100mm intake vent bracket, cutting kit and light baffle.
  • 2 X cable port for fitting where convenient.
  • 2 X waterproof floor liners.

The overall 160cm width is split into 120cm (creating the 120cm X 120cm main chamber) and 40cm creating two 40cm X 120cm chambers. The lower space has a height of 100cm and the upper chamber has with a height of 98cm.

The main chamber suitable for a 600W HID light – a 100cm Parabolic Reflector would be our recommendation.

The smaller chambers would be limited to smaller CFL lamps/ T5’s or TLED strips but these always the best options for propagation and young plants.

We really like what Secret Jardin have done with this range of tents, they provide growers with a fully contained environment that allows all three parts of the growing cycle to be nicely tucked away within one structure, really good idea.


How difficult is the Secret Jardin L160 to erect?

Pretty easy, here’s a video that walks you through it:

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