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Rhino Silent Fan Speed Controllers




The Rhino Silent Fan Speed Controller is a simple fan speed controller that allows you turn your fans down without any fan hum.

Sometimes all you need is a basic controller to take the edge of the fan noise or power – this controller has 5 reduced power settings you can use and as it uses voltage stepping to achieve these power decreases, there is zero fan hum.

If you are using an exhaust and intake fans, obviously make sure your exhaust fan moves more air than your intake to maintain negative pressure in the grow tent of growing area.

Available in 2A & 8A versions. The 2A version can take all of the CAN RK range and the 8A version will run any combination of fans we sell, including the larger sizes of the Gorilla Box Fan range. If you are unsure on whether you need the 2A or 8A version, just give us a call.

Assembled in the UK.

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